Is this Nancy Pelosi as a child?

My guess is that if we had an accurate poll, it would show that there is a National Consensus:

that unemployment is among the five biggest problems our country faces today;

that our National Debt is too large to sustain and will lead to collapse of the dollar;

that our Government is spending too much money, is running deficits each year, and needs to learn to live within its means;

Our government controlled financial system is a mess and needs reform.

Politicians are too insulated from the real world and are not listening to the people;

So what are our politicians and the administration doing?  They are still spending time and money to force on us a “Health Care Reform Bill.”   The current politically motivated proposals would raise costs, increase the deficit, and not do the needed fundamental reforms.  Wouldn’t it be nice if they spent even half as much time working on the real problems listed above?

My conclusion is that any Senator or Congressperson who votes for any form of the current health care bills needs to be removed from office.  I am writing each of my senators and my congressman today to that effect.  I will also write to a few others in Congress to send that same message.  I hope you will, too.  I have links off to the left of this that make it real easy.  Please spend the five minutes it takes to send them a message.  They don’t seem to have heard it yet so we have to keep trying.