“Conservative”  “Rich White Guy”  “Republican”  say the people on the left who would redistribute all wealth Robin Hood style.  They are displaying all the signs of extreme prejudice.

“Leftie” “Blue Stater” “Liberal”  say the people on the right who would end almost all government and rely completely on market forces.  They are displaying all the signs of extreme prejudice.

So what is the “New Racism” and what are the signs of its existence?  I have (finally) been reading an interesting book given to me by my son and daughter in law – Mistakes Were Made.  The autors reference a book written over fifty years ago by Gordon Allport, The Nature of Prejudice.  In it, Allport states that the hallmark of prejudice is that it is impervious to reason, experience, and counterexample.  “once people have a prejudice, just as once they have a political ideology, they do not easily drop it, even if the evidence indisputably contradicts a core justification for it.  Rather, they come up with another justification to preserve their belief or course of action.”  Sound familiar?

It seems to me that today it is politically incorrect to display any prejudice against gays or blacks or seniors or the handicapped.  It, however, has become not only accepted but almost a sport to show off your prejudice against the political extremes on either side.  Is this ‘new racism’ just as invidious as the oldfashioned kind?

I’m not sure that we have found a cure to the old kind, other than the passage of time.  Is there any way to cure the ‘new racism’????  What will its effects be on our society?