My friend Nelson over at the Assymetric Blog had a wonderful post today where he gave some sound advice to Mr. Obama and to the Republicans.  Key to his advice, in my mind, was his advice not to gloat over Mr. Brown’s victory.

I think it would be wise for all Republicans, Independents, Conservatives, and others who saw Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts as a watershed event to tone down their reaction.  Democrats still hold 59 seats in the Senate.  The majority still rules.  Sure, the majority can rule more effectively (some would say cruelly) when they have a filibuster-proof majority than without one, but they still rule.   They still select the committee members and the calendar.

I commented to Nelson’s post, “Part of what won the election for Scott Brown was pure and simple disgust with politicians who are arrogant. Martha Coakley came off as arrogant. Pelosi comes off as arrogant as do Senator Reid and Mr. Obama. Arrogant people gloat and lord over others.  The public wants the ‘common man’ who is humble and thrifty. Humble, thrifty people do not gloat.”

I’m hopeful that yesterday’s event will cause politicians of all stripes to pay more attention to the electorate.  If they do, that will be victory enough and all the gloating in the world will not make it any better.  In fact, the gloating may well make it worse.