I thought it was horrible that Harry Ried was allowed to give $300 Million of taxpayer money to Ben Nelson and Nebraska.  It was still horrible but not quite so bad when he gave $100 Million each to Louisiana and Vermont and Connecticutt.  All this money was to bribe Senators to vote for a yet to be written, read or understood health care bil that polls show most Americans don’t want.  How can one Senator have the power to waste Millions of dollars of taxpayer money for the sole purpose of getting what he wants?

Now Mr. Reid and the White House have outdone themselves.  By offering to exempt from taxes the health plans of those in collective bargaining agreements, they have in one fell swoop made little hundred billion dollar bribes look like kids play.  This action will cost taxpayers $60 Billion dollars in unfunded health care costs.  The entire budget of the Department of Homeland Security is below $43 Billion.  It may be mismanaged, but at least it does something.

How can we sit by and watch a 60 Billion Dollar bribe being made to help Democrats keep the “Union Vote” and keep the flow of Union dollars to campaigns?  This is nothing short of criminal.  The leader of any organization caught using federal dollars to bribe others would be fired, at least, if not jailed.  It seems Mr. Obama is getting a complete pass.  So are Mr. Reid and Mrs. Pelosi.

Can anyone who is in favor of this horrible proposed 2000 page piece of legislation (that only a handful of Democrats have actually seen) explain to me how this is legal, moral, or right in any way?  Liberals who are condoning this are tarnishing themselves beyond belief.