I make a real effort to support my local economy.  Given a choice, I will support the local company even if I pay a premium.  I try to avoid “made in China” where I can.  I recently got a new set of Michelin Tires (made in USA) to replace my Toyo (made in China) tires that were wearing prematurely.

When our company needed a new truck a couple of years ago, we only looked at Chevy and Ford (long story why I don’t deal with Chrysler/Dodge – Don’t ask unless you have some free time).  We ended up buying a Chevy Silverado 3500.  This summer, at just under 40,000 miles, while driving on a sales trip in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas, the engine failed.  We had the truck towed to the nearest Chevy Dealer (in Durant, Oklahoma).  Reynolds  Chevy looked it over, determined it was a warranty claim and within 10 days had a new engine in the truck and our salesman was back on the road.  So far so good.

When we filed the warranty claim, we were approved by Reynolds Chevy and Chevrolet Customer Service in Detroit for the full price of the engine work, plus 11 days of rental vehicle and the cost to tow the truck to the dealership.

Almost six months have passed.  Reynolds Chevy is no longer a Chevy Dealer – had their dealership pulled because they didn’t fit the current needs of Chevy.  (That is probably a good thing in the long run to not be associated with Chevy and its new Federal Government Masters, but, I’m sure it hurt in the short run.)  To date, we have been refunded about 50% of the promised (in writing and verbally) rental and tow fees.  Numerous calls, emails, faxes, and letters later, today I got a call from Customer Service (there is one of the great euphemisms of all time) at Chevy in Detroit.  They were just calling to say they had received my most recent letter (I asked them to live up to their earlier promise and pay what was due) and to tell me that the letter changed nothing.  They still do not plan to live up to their promise.  They still refuse to let me talk with anyone in a decision making position. (“I’m sorry sir but I am not allowed to connect you or give you his phone number.”)

The complete lack of interest, the ease with which they said and wrote one thing and then did another, and the fact that I could never speak to a supervisor or decision maker has left me less than thrilled with the New Government Motors.  I guess my future purchases will be Fords.

Now if I were clever, I would do something like Dave Carroll did.    Now that would be cool.