Just back from a great vacation.  I was never once tempted to write a post.  I apologize for those few faithful who check this space often.  I will get back on a schedule of at least once a week with a real post.

Had a wonderful time visiting with both sons and daughters in law and both granddaughters (3 years and 8 weeks).  Reminded me how important family is and how unimportant so many things are in our lives that we do instead of appreciating family and friends.  Also had the chance to slow down and appreciate some of the beauty of nature.  The sunset shown above was one of many that helped me pause and reflect.

While gone, read a couple of books.  I can highly recommend Joel Salatin – Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal. (No, I don’t make anything from Amazon for this link.  I actually think you should get it from your local bookseller, but, you can see other reviews of it at this link).   It was given to me by a son and daughter in law who saw me persevere through a year of bureaucratic barriers to get permission to make and sell wine from the grapes we grow.  My story pales in the light of Salatin’s many and varied adventures.  If you are at all interested in the slow food movement or just like to eat good healthy food, you will be interested in this book.  It is not perfect and has a few too many rants for me, but was well worth the time.  He, at times, is very thoughtful, and makes some very good points.  The other book was a Grisham – The Associate.  Good Airplane book – fast read and fun.  Not his best, but better than whatever movie was playing on board.

Also met with good friends with whom we share a fondness for Kauai. Friend Marc is a musician.  He introduced us to Paul Togioka and we had a chance to hear him play.   He is possibly the finest slack key guitarist around. If you get the chance, listen to his album Here, There, and Everywhere.  You can hear him playing familiar things like Pacabel at his website.

Returned to great disappointment that it appears Congress will drive one more nail into our coffin by passing a bloated Health Care Bill that is sure to add another Trillion or so to our deficit.  More on that next week.