Mr. Obama was in top campaign form again last night.  It is a shame that he can’t seem to stop campaigning and start leading.

For those of you who doubt that the purpose of this speech was campaigning, please reflect on the following:

Hyping a speech for a week before it happens is done to create news, typically for an un-newsworthy event.  By toying with the press for a week, he has taken their attention off of the Health Care Debate.  This allows that effort to press on under the cover of darkness (or at least with minimum press scrutiny).

Setting a time line for withdrawal of forces based on the election calendar rather than on the achievement of goals is designed to effect an election, not to achieve battlefield or diplomatic success.  He had to reassure his anti-war base that he was going to withdraw troops before the next time they get to vote for him.

Speaking for 35 minutes in front of a national television audience is a way to take millions of dollars of free publicity.  If he really wanted to tell our enemy our strategy, which it appears he did, he could have merely made a press release.  In fact, he could have made his decision, in private, three months ago and been much more effective.

I wonder what the opposing coach would do if your coach made a speech to the crowd before the game saying, “After the first half is over, we will start playing our third string quarterback.  We all know he can’t pass, but don’t worry because we will have a big lead by then.”  My guess is that the opposing coach would burn the clock as much as he could to hasten the time when he would be playing against the third string.  I’m pretty sure that is what we saw last night.  What, You don’t think the Taliban would like to wait until they are fighting against an inferior Afghani military?

I’m saddened and worried that our President finds it more important to campaign than to run the affairs of state.