Here is my first stab at the reform I would like to see in health care in America.  I would appreciate your comments, suggestions, and questions.  Thanks.

Section 1.  Health care Insurance Reform:

Part a.   Ability to Sell insurance across State Lines.  It shall be legal, notwithstanding any State law, for insurance providers to offer and sell insurance against the costs of health care services and supplies in any and all states.

Part b.  Individual Ownership of Insurance Policies. Regardless how a policy is purchased (as part of a group or as an individual), each policy of health insurance shall be owned by an individual and may be kept in force under the contracted terms and conditions of such policy by that individual regardless of whether or not the individual remains part of the group that originally contracted for the insurance coverage.

Part c.  Mandated Coverage.  No state law shall mandate that Insurers include or exclude any specific coverage within policies offered for sale in their State except such mandates as are required by federal law.

Section 2.  Medical Services Legal Liability Reform:

Part a.  Medical Malpractice Liability.  Medical Practitioners shall be protected from excessive liability for their actions or inactions in the following manner:  The burden of proof of liability shall require prosecution to prove “gross negligence.”

Part b.  Pain and Suffering Awards.  Damages shall be limited to proven actual damages, not including “pain and suffering.”

Section 3. Health Savings Accounts and Incentives:

Part a.  Tax Incentive to Own Health Care Insurance.  A program of Health Savings Accounts will be devised that will allow individuals to put aside money to pay for Health Insurance premiums with pre-tax dollars.

Part b.  Tax Incentive for Employers to Offer and Pay for Health Care Insurance.  A program will be devised that will credit employers with a percentage of the amount that the employer spends to subsidize health insurance for employees and their families.

Section 4.  Government Sponsored Health Plans:

Part a. No person who is not a legal resident of the United States shall be eligible for any government sponsored, subsidized, or paid health care services except as such individual shall be responsible for all costs associated with the provision of such healthcare services.

Part b.  No person who is covered by a government sponsored, subsidized, or paid health care service shall be prevented from contracting, separate from the government service, with any provider for medical services of any type.

Part c.  No Medical provider who participates in any government sponsored, subsidized, or paid health care service shall be prevented from contracting, separate from the government service, with any patient for medical services of any type for which that provider is licensed.

Section 5.  Wellness Plan:

Part a.  Healthy Lifestyle Incentives.  The government shall devise programs of incentives to encourage individuals to lead healthier lifestyles.  For example,  programs should be considered to subsidize or give tax incentives to people enrolled in smoking cessation treatment plans, or substance abuse resistance and rehabilitation programs.

Part b. Incentives for Regular Health Screening.  The government shall subsidize the cost of regular disease prevention and early diagnosis which are proven to save costs and lives.  For example, screenings for know causes of certain diseases should be subsidized to the point where the majority of the population has access to such medical screening.

Section 6.  Making Medical Providers more effective.

Part a.  Medical Record Management.  The government will set standards of medical records management

Part b.  The Department of HEW will work with the AMA to set-up a committee to study the cost/benefit of the current Federal and State Mandates on the Medical Industry.  The committee will report their findings to the nation and will make recommendations to Congress to eliminate excess regulation and add needed regulation.  Industry and Government will be equally represented and will have equal voice and power within the committee.  –  Add a third leg?  Patient Advocate Groups?

Section 7.  What else would you add?

Yes this plan has heavy reliance on market forces and attempts to take government out of health care.  Challenge my ideas.  Give me new ones.  Don’t lie down and take the politically motivated drivel that the House and Senate call health Care Reform.