Today, reading Blue Oregon Blog, a Portland, Oregon based Liberal/Progressive blog, I was struck by a post on new taxation in Oregon.  In their wisdom, with Oregon’s unemployment at 12%+, Oregon’s legislature (large Democrat majorities) decided to impose new taxes on Corporations and “the rich.”  There is, in Oregon, a process where the public may accept or reject bills passed by the Legislature and signed by the governor.  If sufficient petitions are signed, the bill goes to a ballot.  Two such bills have inspired enough public outcry that measures have qualified for the ballot in January, Measures 66 and 67 which would confirm or reject the new taxes.

A large number of contributors at Blue Oregon have never seen a tax they didn’t like.  Kristin Teigen, one occasional contributor, wrote a post that supports both tax measures and basically uses the standard class warfare technique to say that those nasty corporations and “the rich” need to pay more – they owe it.  Her post is typical Blue Oregon stuff, actually not at all over the top, as many are.  The comments, though are what made me sit up and take note.  Even by Blue Oregon standards, the following comment by Natty Dreds, to the post, had me spinning.  Maybe it was written by a conservative who wanted to paint ‘progressives’ as true dolts.  Unfortunately, having read the site fairly often, I think Natty is real.  Judge for yourself. (bold print emphasis is mine)

Posted by: Natty Dreds | Oct 26, 2009 11:39:47 AM

We need to support these tax measures in order to fund the PERS retirement and health care benefits our public employees and teachers so desperately need. Government is big business in this state, and the only way to create good family wage jobs is through growth in government services. The private sector has consistently shown it is not able to deliver good paying jobs with adequate retirement and health benefits. And if we didn’t mandate minimum wages in the private sector we’d all still be making $5.65 an hour. Measures 66 and 67 are a good first step toward the type of tax policy that is needed to grow Oregon’s economy.”


Remember, Natty, the government cannot give anything to anyone that they have not first taken away from someone else.  I DO HOPE her comment was a joke.