hillarycaretshirtWhen Republicans in particular and a large majority of citizens in general criticized Hillary Clinton’s Health Care Reform plans in 1993, was that racist or sexist?  Or, is it possible that many people just disagreed with the First Lady?  I think some were sexist, but, I think the vast majority didn’t like what she was proposing to do.

When Democrats stood and booed and waved papers at George W. Bush when he gave his State of the Union Address to Congress in 2005, was that racist or just because they disagreed with his policies? I think they just disagreed with what he was saying.

When Republicans booed President Clinton at his State of the Union Addresses in 1995, 1997, and 1998, was that racist?   Again, I think it was because they disagreed with what he was saying.

If 24 out of 25 voters who happen to be Black voted for Mr. Obama, was that because they are racists? I’m sure some are, but, I think the vast majority just liked the prospect of President Obama more than they like the idea of a President McClain.

When ACORN is proven to have employees of poor ethical standards and people ask that they no longer receive taxpayer’s support, is that racist?  I actually think it is the rational thing to do and has nothing to do with race.

Had John Kerry been elected President he would have owed a lot to his mentor Edward Kennedy.  Would he have repaid that debt by sponsoring health care reform measures like what we see proposed today?   Would as many people be against those proposals?  I think so.

Am I right to believe that Democrats will continue to use the race card because it has proven an effective tool to silence critics?  That is what I believe.

Interesting side note:  I wrote this post 24 hours ago but hesitated to post it.  I’m sure it was because of a combination of political correctness and fear of being labeled racist…..very sad.