When I originally started this blog, I said that my intent was to ask more questions than I answered.  Here is a toast to that intent.


The current proposed bill in Congress regarding healthcare takes our country further in the direction of the current European version of Socialism than anything we have done since the New Deal.  Lots of folks believe this will spell the end to the freedoms that we enjoy and that we will no longer be the place where people are free to do most anything they want without government interference.  The result is that a very large part of the U.S population is VERY wary of the pending healthcare legislation.  Should they be?   How bad is the current version of European Socialism?

weareallsocialistsnownewsweekcoverHere are some questions I have asked myself that help me to understand just how important, or not, is the debate about socializing medicine in the U.S.:

Is life less free in Germany or England or Sweden than in the U.S.A.?

What things can our fellow humans in those countries not do that we can?

Are the English (or Swedes or Germans, etc.) less free to start a business than we are?  Why?

Is their society more civil than ours? Or, less?  In what ways?

Is their society less innovative than ours?  Or, less?  In what ways?

Does socialized medicine allow the political class to have more control over the lives of the rest of the society?

Does “universal healthcare” substitute minimal care for all in place of excellent care for most and emergency care only for a few?

If this (modern European socialized medicine) is the model that Congress wants us to follow, why is there so little discussion of the questions above?