powerhungryI recently participated in a discussion on the Liberal Oregon Blog, Blue Oregon, regarding a Harper’s article that stated,”Chances that an American bankrupted by medical bills has health insurance: 7 in 10.” The purpose of the blog post was, I assume, to point out that our healthcare system is driving people to bankruptcy and we need to pass ‘heathcare reform’ now.

Reading the back and forth, I was impressed how the comments were primarily of the “i’m right and you are wrong” variety.  There seems to me to be little interest in taking this opportunity to debate and work toward solutions.  It seems to me to be all about the power to control your life and mine.  I don’t think that is what our Founding Fathers signed up for.

Below is the last response I made in the discussion:

“In my humble opinion, Democrats want the government to take over the health insurance industry to gain power and Republicans want to derail anything Mr. Obama does in Healthcare because they want some of the power back that they lost to him.

There is, in fact, an opportunity here to improve our system of healthcare. We can make it more cost effective. We can make it more responsive to more people.  We can retain its world-class innovation. The way to do this, however, is not by demonizing the Insurance Industry or by scaring seniors with talk of death panels.

If Health Insurers could compete without government interference, our costs would all be lower. Government mandates, HIPA laws, and liberal litigation law have a major impact on the cost of health insurance. Since every proposal I have seen from the House or Senate takes those as a given, I am convinced that our Political Leaders have no intent to solve any problems with our healthcare system. No matter what stripe they wear, this is about the power it represents.

I would love to see a Harpers article that laid out the real opportunities to make our system better rather than seeing them just repeat junk science to support their objective. Wouldn’t it also be nice if Blue Oregon readers were Liberal (read “open minded”) and would discuss the issues with a light to discover solutions rather than to maintain their position of power.”

Feel free to look at Blue Oregon if you want to see how activist Liberals think and how they protect their turf from any ideas not of their own creation/brand.