I recommend that the Republicans (and Blue Dog Democrats and Democrats who are members of the Progressive Caucus) propose and support a compromise on Healthcare Reform.

Here is the compromise:  Mr. Obama and The Democrats in the House and the Senate get to write the healthcare bill.  They can put in anything that they will support so they can pass it.   The Republicans will have no input except for one clause: “The referenced Act shall become law upon the signature of the President of the United States (on or before October 1, 2009) and will be in effect until two calendar years after the date of signing, expiring no later than October 1, 2011.”

That gives the Democrats 2 full years to show the American People that they were right all along.  Hopefully it will allow enough people to experience dealing with the plan to let the public decide if they like the plan or not.  If the public is outraged in just one year, they will let the Democrats in Congress know in the election in November, 2010.  If the public is really upset, the election in November of 2012 will be the first chance to tell both the President and the Congress what they think.

Hopefully, a two year experiment will not be long enough to make it impossible to return to a private system.

What do you think?