1. The President is telling us that his health plan will not increase the deficit, it will save each of us money and we won’t pay more in taxes to fund his plan.   The CBO says it will cost us more than $2 Trillion dollars over the next 10 years, it will add over a trillion dollars to our deficit, and, it will require additional funding (taxes) to pay for it.  Who is right?

2. Will you promise to read the entire healthcare reform bill in its final form before voting on it?

3. Will you support a sunset provision for the Healthcare bill that will repeal the legislation if any of the promises offered in its defense turns out to be untrue?  For example, if taxes need to be raised to fund the legislation, would you agree to a provision that would repeal the law?

4. Do you believe that 50,000,000 Americans are without any form of helathcare insurance or coverage?

5. Do you believe that undocumented Aliens should be afforded the same healthcare insurance/coverage that American citizens will receive under the current House/Senate Bill?

6. Do you believe that there should be a limit to the amount of money that could be awarded in a medical malpractice lawsuit?

7. Do you believe that a government agency can provide better healthcare service for less money than can a private medical insurance plan?

8. Will there be any guarantee that I will be able to keep the plan I have and the doctor I have under the Plan now in the House/Senate?

9. Will the law require Members of Congress and federal employees to be enrolled in the “government option/public plan?

10. Will seniors be denied joint replacements, stents, and the chemotherapy they need because actuaries have determined there is too small a benefit to society for the large cost for the aged individual?

11. If seniors will be allowed the expensive but most effective treatments, how will costs be controlled?

12. Will patients have to wait longer for their treatments than they do now?

13. Will doctors see their payment schedules drop?

14. If their payments fall and they make less money, won’t there be fewer doctors practicing medicine?

15. Doesn’t Canada have long lines for important surgeries?

16. How will making our system more like Canada’s not mean longer lines and longer waits here?

17. Have you read the bill well enough to be interviewed about it on the radio by a conservative talk show host?

18.  What makes this a crisis that requires Congress to act so fast?

19.  Why is it that Liberals get offended when someone discusses restricting their “right to choose” to abort a child but they have no understanding of why Conservatives don’t want their right to choose health care providers restricted?

20.  Would you be willing to write healthcare reform legislation that would sunset in two years?