RFDSomehow, we have to stop the steamroller and save what little credit rating we have in this world.  If we allow Mr. Obama’s version of Healthcare Reform to be passed and signed, it will likely cost far more than even the massive Stimulus Bill.  It will put us even deeper in debt.

The evidence is mounting that this could be the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Below I have links to other sites with good information that try to straighten out the disinformation on healthcare being shoveled at us by the Obama Administration.  We have to say, “Nope” to huge new government agencies and ineficiencies.

After you read the information below, and, if you agree that we must stop this, please write to your senators and your congressman.  See links to addresses for all members of Congress and the President in the left column of this blog.   Include in your letter/email, a request that he/she promise to read the entire bill and prepare to discuss it with constituents prior to voting on it.  Letters that are respectful in tone work best.  Letters should remind your Senator or Congressperson that he/she is your representative and that, at the very least, he/she needs to take the time to hear from constituents.

Only if every Senator and Congressperson feels the heat will the public be heard and will Congress be slowed from its headlong pursuit of a European style healthcare system.

Read the blog at: http://www.ilovebenefits.wordpress.com This blog is focused entirely on this issue and does a nice job of compiling information essential to understanding the impacts of Government Control of Healthcare.

Read Consumer Health Care Choices at http://www.chcchoices.org/Article/25704/Consumer_Power_Report_186.html


The following article is from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. and in spite of its relevance today, it was written when Mr. Clinton was President.  The gist of the article is just say “NOPE” to government controlled Medicine.  Things have not improved since this was written:


Doctors Must Play Regulatory Roulette to Avoid Harming Patients

Medicare endangers seniors, rations care and punishes the best doctors whose only aim is to give the best care. For the sake of patients and integrity of the profession, doctors should get out of Medicare.

That ís the warning from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons as it declares the 6th annual “Medicare Patient Freedom Day.” Medicare begins its 36th year this month.

“Medicare sentences seniors to lousy care, delayed care or even death,” said Dr. Jane M. Orient, AAPS Executive Director. “Doctors should refuse to be willing participants in this game of regulatory Russian roulette.”

An AAPS survey of doctors reveals that Medicare rules and government threats to prosecute doctors make it more difficult for seniors to receive appropriate, necessary and timely medical care because doctors are afraid to treat tricky cases or take on new patients. Doctors spend less time practicing medicine and more complying with incomprehensible government regulations — more than 110,000 pages.

“Spin the wheel in favor of your patient, go to jail or pay tens of thousands of dollars. The people President Clinton calls Medicare cheats are often doctors who give patients the best care. But if a government bureaucrat deems the treatment unnecessary or inappropriate, itís called fraud, and the doctor is pronounced a criminal,” said Dr.Orient.

The HHS Inspector General admits that most doctors are honest. But to some prosecutors, there is no thing as a honest mistake. “Intent to defraud no longer matters. This Administration has chosen to cast a web so wide that honest doctors are ensnared. The results are ruined lives, both professionally and financially,” said Dr. Orient.

AAPS President, Lawrence Huntoon, a Jamestown, N.Y. neurologist, is one who spun the wheel in favor for his patients and lost. Dr. Huntoon routinely performed two blood vessel examinations to determine stroke risk. If done on two different days, $32.10 would be allowed. If at the same time, only $16.05. Dr. Huntoon choose to not make his elderly patients return and paid a steep price.

Medicare sent letters to his patients sternly warning them that their doctor broke the law by charging more than zero for the exams. After more than a year and hundreds of hours of appeals, the decision was reversed, but only after Dr. Huntoon had been slandered to his patients.

“In the name of cost-cutting, federal bean counters have destroyed the patient-physician trust, and created an atmosphere of fear in which physicians must now practice the art of medicine,” said Dr. Orient.

Federal officers raided the home and office of Dr. Danny Westmoreland. They held his 9-year-old son, staff and patients at gunpoint while they seized files. A judge eventually threw out the case, but only after Dr. Westmorelandís reputation, practice and finances were devastated.

Medicare also makes it impossible for doctors to provide free medical care under threat of criminal prosecution. In 1995, AAPS marked the first “Medicare Patient Freedom Day” by treating patients for $1 cash, while refusing to file claims for reimbursement from taxpayers. The government responded by saying it was illegal not to file a claim for payment.

Many doctors have resigned from Medicare. Dr. Nino Carmardese still treats Medicare patients, but at no charge. Neurosurgeon Michael Schlitt has accepted a model ship as payment for back surgery, and performed brain surgery for one dollar. Dr. John Bennett published his “Declaration of Independence from Medicare” stating, “I find that I must choose between the practice of Medicine and the practice of Medicare; I choose the practice of Medicine.”

All report enthusiastic patient support. Any financial impact “is more than compensated by the freedom to make the right decision for my patients and the relief of getting the government out of my operating room,” said Dr. Schlitt.

Other groups are catching on to the Medicare mess. Veteransí groups are waging a full-out battle on Capitol Hill to prevent Congress from rolling VA coverage for seniors into Medicare.

“Medicare is socialized medicine at its worst,” concluded Dr. Orient. “Itís time for doctors to stand up for their patients and send government out the door.”  (AAPS is a professional association of physicians in all specialties dedicated to the sanctity of the patient-physician relationship since 1943.)

The President’s approval rating has been dropping rapidly since he started his full court press on Healthcare Reform in the middle of June.  Could it be that the people see through his rush to pass a plan that has not been seen by the public, let alone the Congress that will vote on it?  So, there is hope that healthcare reform will not be railroaded past a sleeping press and a lapdog Congress.

Please pass on any good information on the topic that you find by adding it as a comment to this post.  Thank you.