Since Mr. Obama and his team predicted an 8% unemployment rate even with his massive stimulus package, unemployment has ballooned to 9.5%.  His claim now is that without the 800 Billion plan, things would be worse.  Nope. The markets look at the long term effects on the economy and can see the huge deficit and the problems it will create.  If anything, the over-the-top spending (and the fact that the stimulus bill was stuffed with pork) has helped fuel the fear that is driving businesses to stop spending and cut costs like never before, thus putting the brakes on the economy.

Since Mr. Obama started selling his Healthcare Reform plan he has said on numerous occasions that Medicare is more efficient and less expensive than private healthcare in delivering our medical needs.  Nope. Only because Medicare can dictate how much it will pay can it hold costs at all.  Doctors and Hospitals lose money with almost every Medicare case they take.  Look at the Medicare fraud rate.  In some communities (Miami, Brownsville, etc.), it is reported to be up to 25% of all medicare billing.  The number of Doctors who do not accept Medicare patients is growing because Doctors lose control of their patients and must do only what Medicare allows.

Since Mr. Obama has been stumping for his Energy Plan based on a cap and trade system, he has been telling us that one of the benefits of his plan is the great number of new jobs that will be created in the alternative energy industry.  Nope. The fact is that he glosses over the huge number of jobs that will be lost in other industries as we become less competitive due to cap and trade.  Why else would the legislation have built into it a program to retrain and to pay workers who lose their jobs due to the results of the energy bill?  Answer – because they all know that this will be a huge job loss creator and they won’t get their Union friends to support it if they don’t spend billions on Union members who will lose their jobs.

Am I wrong?