obama hopeTaupe is a color that defies precise definition.  It is a word that refers to almost any grayish brown color.  It is hard to pin down.  Everyone has his or her own idea of what taupe is.

It makes me think of the word, “Hope.”  As a marketing concept for the Obama Campaign, it was brilliant choice.  It is a word that relates to aspirations and confidence in some future outcome.  It is hard to pin down.  Everyone has his or her own idea of what hope is.  They know what they each hope for.

In his stump speeches, Mr. Obama often said, “Hope is not blind optimism.” Pause. “Hope is not sitting on the sidelines or shirking from a fight.” Pause. “Hope is that thing inside of us that insists, despite all the evidence to the contrary, that there is something greater inside of us.”

The key to Mr. Obama was to convince everyone that “despite all the evidence to the contrary” he could:

1. Improve our Economy;

2. End the fighting in Iraq;

3. Greatly increase government services without increasing ‘your’ taxes  (only the taxes of others would go up);

4. Provide healthcare to all;

5. Solve our dependence on foreign energy sources while increasing job opportunities in new “Green Industries;”

6. Seek and give time for input from all of us prior to signing any new bill;

7. Do all these things and pass the cost on to the”rich.”

8. Etc.

As the most recent daily Rasmussen polls show, fewer people each day agree that Mr. Obama’s idea of what “HOPE” means is the same as theirs.

The Audacity is still there.  The rush to be all things to all people (typical politician) is still there.  The rush to do everything at once so nobody has the time to carefully investigate before voting (or before voicing opinions against any of Mr. Obama’s many proposals) is still there.  The throngs of true believers is dwindling (outside of the world of those who write for, edit and publish newspapers and magazines).  I think it is because promises are not being kept and people are starting to wake up to the amazing costs involved in just the actions taken to date.  Do we really want a multi-trillion dollar increase to our national debt?  Do we really want the automobile industry nationalized?  Do we really want nationalized healthcare?  Are we sure it will be the rich who get soaked for the bill or could it trickle down to us?

I hope we can move back to a country with more freedoms and fewer controls on us from our government.  That is just my hope and my definition.  It is not the one Mr. Obama wants us to have.

How about you?