It is now obvious to all but the ‘true believers’ that Mr. Obama’s campaign was one of real hype more than realistic hope.  He made many promises that he knew he could not deliver.  It is really pretty simple.  Either Mr. Obama is nowhere near as smart as advertised or he was intentionally deceiving the public to get votes.  In my opinion, it was intentional.  He looked at the potential gain and decided that he could cover up the lies and exaggeration easier than he could run on his record.

Let’s look at the hype from his campaign so we can better recognize the hype Mr. Obama is now using to sell programs that portend to deliver on some of his more audacious ‘hopes.’  I will give just 3 simple examples of the hype and promises that I believe were things Mr. Obama never intended to do but which he knew would bring in many votes if he could get the voters to believe him.

Promise #1 – On healthcare reform, Mr. Obama said,  “That’s what I will do in bringing all parties together, not negotiating behind closed doors, but bringing all parties together, and broadcasting those negotiations on C-SPAN so that the American people can see what the choices are, because part of what we have to do is enlist the American people in this process,”  To date, I have seen nothing of the negotiations broadcast on C-SPAN, and, almost all of the work on the ‘healthcare plan’ has been done behind closed doors.  Do you feel like you have been part of the process?

Promise #2 – “Obama and Biden are calling for legislation that would allow withdrawals of 15% up to $10,000 from retirement accounts without penalty (although subject to the normal taxes). This would apply to withdrawals in 2008 (including retroactively) and 2009.”  Not only was this not part of the ‘Stimulus Bill’, it was not part of the budget request from the White House to Congress.  Mr. Obama must have forgotten this one because everything he asked for in the stimulus (plus almost every bit of pork that was asked for by Members of Congress) found its way into the legislation.  Or maybe he just felt he could use the extra money and since he already had the votes that he needed, this was no longer important to him.

Promise #3 – “No political appointees in an Obama-Biden administration will be permitted to work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years. And no political appointee will be able to lobby the executive branch after leaving government service during the remainder of the administration.”  This went out the window with about a half dozen early appointments including William Lynn, Depty. Secretary of Defense (Ratheon Lobbiest), Jocelyn Frye, appointed direcor of Policy for the First Lady’s staff (lobbied for the National Partnership for Women and Families for at least the last 6 years), and Cecilia Muñoz who is the Administration’s key liaison with the Hispanic Community (lobbiest for the La Raza for the past 10 years).

hypeNow let’s look at some of the hype he is using to sell a Government run healthcare plan, an energy plan based on ‘cap and trade,’ and to sell an unqualified person to become an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

First, take the Sotomayor appointment:  Mr. Obama and Ms. Sotomayor are hyping her record as and independent and tough minded judge.  They are playing up her credentials as a very moderate judge.  With the aid of a compliant mainstream media, anyone who points out her racist remarks or her activist decisions is labeled an extremist.  Mr. Obama is playing the race card again when he continually  points to her race not as the main reason he has chosen her but as the main reason people who oppose her nomination do so.  Both these views (chosen for her race and opposed because of her race) are, in my view, smokescreens.  If we look at her history and see what she has done in the past, not what she and Mr. Obama are saying now, we will see that she is not qualified to be a associate justice.  Both her judicial activism and her belief that her race (and others) are owed reparations (by the majority) are out of synch with the requirements to be a member of The Court.  James Taranto has an interesting piece at The Best of the Web Today that paints a better picture of Ms. Sotomayor than the one I see.  The latest change in the hype is that, ‘you better confirm Sotomayor or you will get someone far more liberal and we have the 60 votes to get anyone through we want.’  It will be very interesting to watch Ms. Sotomayor should she become an Associate justice.  Do you think she will flop back to become the liberal that her past actions suggest?  Or, will she be the pure constructionist that she is pretending to be in the hearings?  My bet is that she will be the liberal, activist justice that she has been as a judge.

Next, look at an Energy Plan based on a Cap and Trade system that would most penalize the productive in our society and which has very serious unintended consequences that are being written off by the Administration.  Mr. Obama points to successful “cap and trade” systems in use in Europe (Emissions Trading Scheme in the EU).  He brushes off the huge negative effect these policies have had on the economies of the nations affected.  He also glibly says that caps will be placed and then companies and individuals will be able to buy or trade for credits to burn more fuel.  Rewards will be given to those who conserve.   Who decides what your cap is?  If you have been consciencious about conserving and use half as much fuel as your neighbor, will you be happy when your cap is half that of your neighbor?  Will it make sense when he gets rewarded for conserving now like you have for years?  Cap and trade will cost jobs.  Why else would the bill that passed the House already have huge benefits for those who lose their jobs due to the legislation?  The only beneficiary of this Energy Plan is the government who will gain control of all economic activity and, of course, Al Gore and his friends who will profit from their energy credit trading companies.  Mr. Obama can hype his energy plan all he wants.  It is still one of the biggest bottles of snake oil ever sold.  Take away all the government tinkering and let the market do its job.  I bet the price of oil would rise sharply leading to innovations to offset those costs with conservation and alternative strategies that will come without bleeding off Billions of Dollars in administrative program costs.  You would do well to read the article at prison planet about what the current offering from Mr. Obama and team will do.  It is not a pretty picture and it is vastly different from the hype.

Last, consider the hype behind the sale of Mr. Obama’s Healthcare Plan.  It starts with the crisis:  “42 million uninsured Americans” and goes downhill from there.  The 42 million has been shown to be about 16 million (here and here among many others).  That is pure lying with statistics.  Does he ever mention that those people, whether 16 million or 42 million, are seen at emergency rooms and do not go without health care.  They just don’t pay for it.  You and I do through our healthcare insurance plans and our taxes that support medicare, etc.  Like the Energy Plan, the basis of the entire Healthcare Reform Plan offered by this administration is to gain control of the industry.  Yes, our healthcare system needs reforms.  No, the hype from Mr. Obama and his Administration is not the solution.  The result of the current plans being offered (most are still in development in back rooms, not in the light of public scrutiny) will be massive taxation, massive governmental programs, and possibly the end to what has for over 50 years been, without question, the finest medical establishment in the world.

Mr. Obama and the Democrat controlled Congress are bringing change as they promised.  It is not the change they hyped.  It is not the change the American People want.