ballot-box-2I rarely make a donation to a political campaign.  I will work for a campaign, make calls, put up signs, etc.  I just hate the monetization of elections.  To me it is just so many dollars to buy so many votes.

Having said that, I realize that the way the world is today, you cannot get elected without significant dollars.  If we are to change the tax, spend, and restrict mentality in our government, we need to take action.  That means running for office.  It also means finding the dollars to do so.

I have great respect for people who will put up with all the BS that goes with campaigning for office.  A blogging friend, Scott Ott ( has decided to put his money where his mouth is.  He is running for County Executive against a well entrenched career politician with a big bankroll.

He needs our help.  Please join me in giving even a token amount to show our support for common sense and restraint in spending.

See his internet support plea here

Though much of Scott’s site is now devoted to his campaign, you owe it to yourself to read Scott’s great political humor.  If you can’t laugh at his stuff,  you should stay away from political discussions altogether.