salesmanMr. Obama is trying to sell his Plan for Healthcare Reform.  He knows that much of the public is wary of various parts of his plan and that it will not be a slam-dunk sale.  How do I know this?  By observing Mr. Obama and his actions.

A Salesperson with a good product has two basic tasks that must be performed in order to successfully sell the product.  First, he must identify his target market.  Second, he must give that market the opportunity to understand the value of the offering.  A sales person with a good product never lies and always under-promises and over-delivers.

If Mr. Obama had a good product, he would not feel the need to scare us to rush into healthcare reform.  If he had a good product, he would identify the market and give it the opportunity to see the value of his product.  When you have a product to sell, you always emphasize the strong points and try to gloss over the weak ones.  One of the best ways to cover the weak points of your product is to rush the buying decision.  Ever hear the phrase, “This offer is only good until End of Business Today” or “We only have one left at this price.”?  Why the rush?  What is the ‘good-for-today-only-offer’ hiding?

This reminds me too much of the Stimulus Debate.  We were told that we needed to pass legislation, even without first reading it, because if we didn’t, we would sink into a Depression so deep that only Big Government could address it.  The result was what Mr. Obama had hoped for: the opportunity to address the problem the way he wanted without public debate.  Billions are being spent (with few controls) and on more pork than any previous bill ever passed by Congress.  It was a brilliant strategy to take advantage of the Presidential Honeymoon.  Would this have happened if the debate had been extended?  if the Congress and the people had been able to read the bill before it was passed?  I think not.

There is no evidence that I have seen that shows that throwing money at our economic problems has done more good than harm.    I fear the same will be true of Healthcare Reform.  Not having seen what Congress is preparing, I can’t say I am for or against ‘The Plan.”  I can say that I am against rushing something as important as this.

Let’s have the debate.  Let’s start by defining the problem.