ReadingYesterday, Arthur Laffer wrote an article that appeared in the Wall Street Journal that should run chills down the spine of every American.  The gist of the article is that inflation is coming and it will be much like in the Carter years only it will last longer.  The reasons are are many but high on the list are the huge unfunded pension liabilities in Medicare/Medicaid, Pension Benefit Guarantee Trust, Social Security, and Government and Military Retirement plans (thanks, Congress!).  Next on the list are all the new liabilities for Auto Companies, Banks and everything else in Mr. Obama’s shopping bag.  Read it and weap.

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Also yesterday,and also in the Wall Street Journal the article on Unions in Debt is fascinating. The short description of the article is that Unions have spent all their resources getting Mr. Obama and a Democrat Congress Elected.  Now with lower income from credit card royalties and union dues, they are heavily in debt with no quick solution in sight.   Why has the press not, until now, said anything about this?  You would think an investigative reporter would have made hay out of this long ago.  It is not surprising if you have read my post on the press.

Investors Business Daily had an article yesterday on healthcare that should be read by everyone who wants our government to take over healthcare in the US.  It discusses rationing of healthcare and the politicization of care.  The procedure with the biggest lobby will go to the top (sex related = sex change, ‘male performance’, etc.) while essential procedures without a lobby will end up on the bottom and unavailable (liver cancer, cracked ribs, broken toes, etc.).

All three articles are disturbing.  I only hope they will lead some Liberals to think about these subjects and help Conservatives reign in the spending and the controlling legislation.