Sleeping on the Job

Mr. Obama promises that by further increasing the spending on his Recovery Plan that his Administration will “create or save” 600,000 jobs this summer.  The press dutifully reports this without so much as a “How do you count jobs saved, Mr. President?”  Fact is that no organization has come up with a way to count saved jobs.  The Labor Department has no measure.  Who is it that will confirm that this is not just a “feel-good lie” being foisted on us by the President?  

By the way, Mr. Obama claimed that his $787 Billion  Stimulus Plan had already “created or saved” over 150,000 jobs just since March.  Did anyone in the press ask for some background to that statistic?  Had Mr. Bush, or any Republican said anything that silly and indefensible, would the press have hounded him?  You bet.  Why not Mr. Obama?  Is he like “Global Warming”?   Is this too dangerous a political “fact” to challenge in front of our dumbed-down populous?  Does anyone wonder why the press is held in such low regard?

Here are some questions the press might want to ask Mr. Obama.  Put another way, here are some questions the press has avoided asking Mr.Obama.

1. Can you describe in detail how you come up with the figures you give us on “jobs saved”?  

2. Once the Stimulus funds are gone, what is your plan to keep all employed who have newly created temporary jobs (in make-work projects) funded by the Recovery Act?  

3. Will there be a need to dump another $787 billion into a similar ‘stimulus’ every 2 years?

4.  Do you have an exit strategy?  How do you get out from under the ownership of banks, automobile manufacturers, etc.?

If you are wondering why the press does not report on matters like this, or, you don’t trust that the press is willing to give you the whole story in fear it may hurt Mr. Obama, you are in good company.  The majority of Americans do not believe the media.

According to “the findings of a WE media Global Forum poll on media bias.  The poll, which surveyed 10,230 adults in the UK, U.S., Brazil, Egypt, Germany, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia, and South Korea, finds that, as RedState writes “Americans gave their own media the worst score in the world on the question concerning “Reports all sides of story.” A whopping 69% of Americans disagreed that the media reports all sides. Only the UK (at 64%) comes close to harboring this sentiment.”  Overall, among the nations polled, Americans turn out to be the most skeptical about the accuracy and fairness of their media organizations

Even the liberal thinkprogress blog agrees that  the media is not to be trusted.  

Is the press just sleeping or is it sleeping with the President?