I have no idea how many people in the USA (let alone the world) are true corporate turn-around experts.

I have no idea how many people are experts on the worldwide automobile industry.

I’m sure there are literally thousands of people with 10 years or more of experience running large organizations with world markets and huge financial problems.  Many could use their experience and their contacts around the world to help turn around companies in any number of industries.

This is Brian Deese.


To see him in action, go to:  YouTube Video of Brian Deese

Why would President Obama choose a 31 year old with zero experience in business, zero expertise at turning around troubled companies, and zero experience in the Automobile Industry (or any large world market sector) to reorganize General Motors?

I guess I should not be so hard on Mr. Obama.  The American People chose a man with no business experience, almost no political experience, and zero understanding of the Constitution of the United States to be our President.

To say I am amazed and highly concerned is to badly understate.