The new Administration’s fascination with and sure plans to implement a VAT and the choice of Sotomayor as Supreme Court Associate Justice Designee have been the two hottest stories IN THE NEWS, if the hits on my site are any measure.  

Similarly, the ability to understand the size of One Trillion Dollars and the 13th hand on the Iwo Jima Memorial were the MOST INTERESTING FACTS based on hits here.

Close behind in the number of hits on this site for news-related were the posts on Global Warming/Global Warning, The Swine Flu, and Government Spending.  

In the area of General Interest, the Posts on Will Rogers and Voices From the Past received the next most hits.  I still get a surprising number of hits on the posts on Dear Red States, Dear Blue States, posted last October, and the post on the “Employee Free Choice Act.”  

Probably the post with the most emails to me, if not comments on the blog, was my suggestion of what I titled “The Obama Game Plan” (and the follow-up, Revision One.)

What surprised me most was the relatively few visitors who read the posts on the Administration’s proposals on Healthcare.  Post 4 of 4 is here, with links to the others.   I think this is one of the huge issues we will face this summer.  I thought it would be the hottest of hot topics.  I still plan on researching and writing more on it, even though it doesn’t seem to have the sex appeal of Global Warming, Taxes, or the Supreme Court.

If you have any topics you would like to see covered over the next few weeks, let me know.  I may be working on the same thing right now or it may be completely off my radar.   Also, feedback is always appreciated.  I think I get more emails about posts than I do comments, but, either way, I pppreciate them.