(Note – this was written in April for posting on May 6 but didn’t post due to my failings as a blogger for which I apologize)

Quick.  Name the five most famous apologists.  Now list their accomplishments.

Not as easy as one would think, is it?   Let’s start with what an Apologist is.   The English word apology is derived from the Greek word apologia, however, its meaning has changed from a “speech  in defense of something” to today, where its primary sense is a plea for forgiveness for a wrong act.  Central to the meaning of an apology  is an admission of guilt. 

Here’s my quick list:

1.  Neville Chamberlain – He apologized for interfering in Germany’s internal affairs and allowed Hitler the space he needed to build his army  to conquer the world. 

2.  America’s Academic Left – For 40+ years they have proclaimed that the United States was the bigger threat to civilization than, first the Soviet Union, and now Radical Islam.  Neither claim has validity but, using the power of the ivory tower, they influenced both public opinion and government action to appease some of the greatest abuses of human rights on record.

3.  Leadership of the United Nations since Dag Hammarskjold – In general they have been elected as compromises that were inoffensive to all sides.  With rare exception, their efforts consisted of apologizing for the evils of the Americans and the Colonial Europeans.  The positive things that have been accomplished by the U.N. are far outweighed by the negatives.  The U.N. rarely leads in anything it does.

4.  Jimmy Carter – Since leaving the office of the Presidency, he has traveled the globe to apologize for the insensitivity of his fellow Americans.  He has consistently gone places and made statements that have limited U.S. options in international affairs.  His work has often been counterproductive.

5.  Barack Obama – His consistent and persistent apologies to the World for all of the sins of America have done nothing to stabilize the world and nothing to strengthen the country he was elected to lead.  It is interesting to note that most of Mr. Obama’s apologies are for things done by others.  He is quick to say that Harry Truman was wrong to drop the bomb.  He has spent most of the past year apologizing to any foreigner who will listen for the crimes of Mr. Bush and his administration.

Leaders apologize for their own improper behavior and actions.  

Losers blame (apologize) for others.  In my opinion, Mr. Obama is laying the foundation for his demise as a leader.