Chatting with a friend today we were lamenting the demise of the U.S. Auto Industry.  

It is hard to believe that GM will sell half the company to the U.S. Government to relieve about half its debt.  Then it is offering most of the rest of the company to the United Auto Workers fund that will pay pensions (instead of GM) after this year.

Chrysler’s problems are well known.  Now our government is telling it to join with FIAT or fail.  

My friend, who is innovative by nature, came up with an idea for Ford.  Advertise to any and all that Ford, the one who didn’t take Government money, is still alive and kicking, AND (here is the good part of his suggestion) you should support Ford if you support capitalism.  Now that could backfire if it turns out that most of the employed people left in the country work for the government and want to see us a socialist state.  Somehow, in spite of all that is happening in our economy, I think most people still think Capitalism is better than Socialism and would vote with their dollars and buy Fords.  

Of course, they may have no other U.S.-made automobile choice within a couple of months.

Why hasn’t Warren Buffett or Bill Gates bought out GM or Chrysler, trimmed it down to size and made it work?  Is only our Government stupid enough to think it can do things better in Detroit?