Last week, “Tea Parties” were held all over the country to protest government spending and taxing without representation.  Kari Chisholm, the founder of Blue Oregon, a liberal blog in my home state, wrote a very derogatory post about the event in our state Capitol, Salem.  For background, Kari runs a political consulting firm and hates (that appears to be what liberals do) all things conservative.  That he wrote this piece and made fun of all the Conservatives is to be expected.  To wit, he wrote “Memo to teabaggers: If you’re so concerned about government spending, how about cleaning up your mess – rather than expecting government employees to clean up for you? Didn’t your parents teach you to leave a place better than you found it?”

He accompanied his post with this photo.teaparty


A comment made to the post came from “Tim Trickey” saying:


With the greatest respect, you don’t know what you are talking about.

The steps of the State Capitol were left far cleaner than they were found. I know, because a number of us stayed around and not only picked up every piece of litter, but swept up the dust on the steps.

I understand all your political objections to the “Tea-Party” protest, but please don’t promulgate the false assumption that we left a mess behind.

The contrary is absolutely the case, and many of us worked hard to ensure we had a minimal impact on the Capitol and left it cleaner than we found it.”


Then another comment, this one from “Jonnie”came in with the attachedvideo  .

Funny, he (Kari Chisholm) did not respond to either comment which he always does when he has something clever to say.