I have read quite a few apologists who say it is our fault that the pirates exist.  Evidently Europeans are fishing Somalian territorial waters creating problems for fishing villages on the Somalian Coast.  The apologists say piracy is their only way to get the message across.  It is an issue about which we should be aware. Piracy, however, is piracy – taking things that don’t belong to you.

Mr. Obama made the right decision and deserves our respect for having done so.  Letting the Navy use its highly trained people to do a job for which they are trained was a very smart move.  As has often been the case in the past, our military has been handicapped by our politicians.  In this case, it appears the politician-in-charge made the right call.  

Yes there may be reprisals.  That is one possible outcome.  Paying a ransom or playing sweet with pirates will bring a sure outcome: more piracy.  

Thank you, Mr. Obama, for being Commander in Chief and for letting those whom you command do their jobs.  

Thank you, Navy, for protecting U.S. citizens at sea.