It has been interesting to watch the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Polls since Mr. Obama was sworn in as President.  They measure those who Strongly Approve and those who Strongly Disapprove of Mr. Obama’s performance of his duties.  The range since he came into office is from a high of +30% (44% strongly approved while 14% strongly disapproved), the day after the inauguration to a low of +4% on 6 different days, most recently on March 28 (35% strongly approve – 31% strongly disapprove).  

Recently, before he stepped into the G20 Summit and started making headlines (many of them negative, like those reporting on gifts to the Queen, concessions to the Russians and Iran, etc.) his stock had risen significantly for the first time since his downward trend had bottomed on March 16.  Between March 28 and March 31, when Mr. Obama was preparing for his G20 trip and not proposing more spending, his numbers went from +4% to +11%.  It was his first time in double digits since March 6.  Today he is at +5%.

Maybe people just like him better when he gets out of the way and lets us live our lives without more government intervention/spending.

Side note:  I have recently listed my blog on a new websurfing site, Condron and have found that folks from all over (witness most recent comment is from the U.K.) are seeing this blog for the first time.  I hope this continues.