By getting everyone (well 90% of everyone) in the country angry at those lazy, greedy, rich, thieving AIG executives who got “retention bonuses”, open war was declared against one class of Americans today.  I don’t know how you would label the class but it might be something like the “Elite Executive Expletive” Class.  It’s not easy to label classes in America since we are largely a class free society.  In any event, most of us are being convinced we should hate them and do what ever we can do to get back at them and get a “fair” result for “taxpayers.”

Today we watched class warfare create some of the worst legislation in history.  Every Member of the House should be ashamed.  The 328 spineless ones who went along with this farce should be both ashamed and run out of town.

If, in the name of “fairness,” our Congress can take 90% of legally paid wage or bonus from one class, when will they come for yours?