The Obama Administration and Congress are working hard in the rush to get their agenda passed.  Why?  I think it is because they fear that the light of day and enough time to consider many of their proposals will doom them.  If they can run fast enough, the opposition won’t catch up until the damage is done.  It is like a thief running from the scene of the crime.  If he runs fast enough, he hopes he will be able to rob people and not be caught.

After promising to post every Bill on the White House website for at least five days of review, Mr. Obama has failed to do it on key legislation like the Omnibus Appropriations Bill and the Stimulus Bill.  It was a great promise on the campaign trail, but, when you are trying to run bills through Congress before anyone has a chance to read and comment on them, the promise of  “transparency”  works against you.

I suspect that today, in another attempt to rush through a bill before it could be carefully considered, Ms. Pelosi and her gang pushed just a little to fast.  The Wilderness Bill, all 1200 pages of it, was defeated by two votes.  In order to rush the bill through, Pelosi suspended the rules so it could come to vote immediately.  The downside to suspension of the rules is the requirement for a 2/3rds vote for passage.  Five Democrats were just concerned enough about the bill to either vote against or not vote on the measure.

I’m hopeful this will cause others to pause and actually consider a few bills prior to just voting for or against them on party lines.  We got a “Stimulus Bill” that was bloated with huge earmarks partially because no Member of Congress had the time to read it before the vote.  We got an “Appropriations Bill” with somewhere between 8500 and 9300 earmarks partly because it was rushed through before the public had a chance to react and give feedback to their Members of Congress.  

Is there any question why Monday’s Rasmussen poll showed that only 23% of voters feel that our government reflects the will of the people?