Edited – 2-27-09 at 5:14 a.m. pst

This is one of those posts where, true to my word, I will ask more questions than give answers.  But I really want to know what is going on with the “Fairness Doctrine,” currently being pushed by Senate Democrat Debbie Stabenow and others.

I’m hoping all that I am hearing is not just conservative hype and rabble rousing.  I fear it is not.

It is reported that today, Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina attached an amendment to prevent imposition of a ‘fairness doctrine’  to the Voting Rights bill being considered by the Senate.  That Bill, among other things would give Washington, D.C. a representative in the House.  It is popular with Democrats, not as much with Republicans.  That Bill passed the Senate by 87 votes to 11.  In the same report, it says that Dick Durban of Illinois offered another amendment that could bring the Fairness Doctrine in via the back door by requiring the FCC to “encourage” radio stations to have a diversity of views.

The White House announced that President Obama does not support the Fairness Doctrine.  Since the FCC established the policy which became the original Fairness Doctrine in 1949, it seems that it could again establish such a policy.

So here are the questions:  

How is it possible that any Senator or Congressman could even propose legislation that would have the effect of censorship?  Have they not all heard of the First Amendment?

Could this nation have slipped so far to the left as to make such a doctrine a realistic posibility?

Is Senator Stabenow so clueless that she thinks we won’t notice that her husband was v.p. of liberal talk radio’s Air America and is still heavily invested in lib talk radio?

Could Mr. Obama become a “pragmatist” and actually sign such a bill to keep his party happy and supportive of his other goals?

Is this just a Conservative talking point to illustrate the evil intentions of their Liberal opponents?

I would sure like to know more about this entire issue.