President Obama today issued executive orders to make good on campaign promises regarding the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

He has given a 12 month time period for the action to be completed.

Politically, this will help with his far left base that wants all prisoners released and the facility closed.  That is today.  What about tomorrow?

Where do we send the 245 detainees?  Do we give them free airfare back to their own countries? Do we move them to other facilities in the US?

My guess is that the complex problem of what to do with these 245 people (many still very dangerous, others sure to be persecuted or slain upon arrival back home) will haunt Mr. Obama in a year’s time.  Quick and simplistic solutions make for successful political campaigns.  They do not make for wise decisions.

He has extended his honeymoon with his actions today. Has he set himself up for a harder fall a year from now when he has to explain the complexities of the situation as he extends the life of the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center?