One of the reasons for our current economic malaise is that we have become an economy of Government.  Today, in the United States, there are more government jobs than there are construction and manufacturing jobs combined.  

Government creates no jobs except by taking from the production of those in our private sector.  Manufacturing creates jobs.  Agriculture creates jobs.  Mining creates jobs.  Construction creates jobs.  All these things add value.  Government protects value and coordinates the activities of those who add value.  

How do we believe that we can remain a powerful economic force if we produce nothing?  Since when does our government create wealth?  Can someone explain to me why spending money on government services will improve our economy but that taxing production will not hurt it?

There are certain things that are done best through government action.  There are not many, but they are important – things like National Defense, coordination of interstate commerce, certain parts of our justice system, etc.  Most things, however, are done with more efficiency when done by private parties with incentives.  Each time we kill a private sector job with taxes to pay for another Government job, we take one more step toward becoming a second class economy.

I have high hopes for Mr. Obama and his new Administration, but, I have high fears, too. My hopes are that Mr. Obama will bring optimism and pride in America and its products back to the majority of us.  We have been down at the mouth for too long and have not supported our own people and products.  I fear, however, that Mr. Obama will be like Congress and see no problem that can’t be fixed by Government Spending.  If he finances his new government programs (read Universal Health Care) by increasing taxes on the productive sector of our economy, we will all suffer for it in the long run.