I have been reading a number of blogs with posts regarding the replacement of Hillary Clinton for New York’s junior Senate seat.  

Almost without exception, the question is raised about whether or not the seat should go to a woman.  There is more talk on the more liberal blogs than the conservative ones.  That makes sense.  Conservatives have much bigger fish to fry and except for the opportunity to  badmouth  anyone for even considering Caroline Kennedy for the job, there just isn’t much interest in this issue.

I guess my disappointment is that, especially since they call themselves progressives, many liberal bloggers actually think that this seat should be set aside for a woman.  They quote facts and figures about underrepresentation.  They make lots of excuses for their highly bigoted views like, “…it is a political necessity…,” or “not choosing a woman would be further proof of the old white men’s club at work….”

I’m not surprised that there is consideration being given to Caroline Kennedy despite her near complete lack of qualification.  Her resume is only slightly worse than Hillary’s was when she was elected.  Her number one asset is her star power.

It would be encouraging to hear names considered and true qualifications but I guess we will have to wait for that.