Dear Mr. Obama,

I know you have a lot on your plate right now.  In an effort to help in every way I can, I have done you a favor.  I have written your Inauguration Speech so you can spend the time on more important issues like Pakistan/India, our National Infrastructure, Energy Dependence, the Economy, etc.  It is not fancy.  Your excellent delivery will help it greatly.  

Don’t waste any time on this.  Just get up there and read this after you are sworn in and then get on with your job.

Good luck.  I’m rooting for you.




The Inaugural Speech:

Thank you.

I appreciate your time, your efforts, and your participation in our wonderful democratic system.  I am honored and humbled to have been elected to be your President.  I will work every day to make this country a better place: a better place in which to live;  a better place in which to raise your family; a better place in which to do what you choose to do to contribute to our society.

My remarks today will be brief and to the point.  There is much work to be done and it is my plan talk less and do more.

We are a great country.  We have done great things in the past and have great tasks before us.  We will accomplish these tasks if we work together.

Our Federal Government is bogged down with minutiae right now.  I will press for changes that will free up the many talented people and the large sums of money that we now misspend duplicating efforts of State and Local Governments.  From today, Our Federal Government will concentrate on those things that can be done best only by the Federal Government, things like national defense, our interstate highway system, setting education standards, investigating interstate criminal activity, guiding interstate commerce, etc.   All other government activities should be relegated to State and local governments where, according to our Constitution, they should be accomplished.  I will use the veto power of my office where necessary to remind Congress to write bills for a specific purpose, not as vehicles to waste Federal funds on every local project that will gain more votes in the next election.

Next, our People are bogged down with minutiae right now.  I will press for changes that will free our people from the tyranny of an overly complex tax system and excessive government forms and filings.  From today, our Federal Government will concentrate on getting its work done while reducing the paperwork burden on government employees and all other citizens.  We will remember that our government serves us.  We do not serve our government.

We have lost our focus on what makes America great and we will move to regain both that focus and the greatness.  

What are those things that have made America great?  First, each of us, as an individual, has the freedom to choose his or her own direction.  We will, as your government, do what must be done to protect that freedom by protecting our borders, protecting our citizens overseas, and by recommitting to our freedom of speech.   Second, we have a dynamic capitalistic economic system based on markets.  Our government, your government, will commit to not manipulate markets as was done with the mortgage industry.  Where possible, Government will get its nose out of business, as long as businesses act responsibly.   Third, we are a compassionate people.  As your government, we will stop creating disincentives to the natural ‘good samaritan’ tendencies of our people.  We will work to cap liabilities of helpers like nurses, firemen, doctors, police, and border patrolmen.   Forth, we have been guided for over 200 years by a Constitution that is not a living document but a set of standards.  I will appoint men and women of wisdom to our courts and my only litmus test will be that they uphold our Constitution, not work to degrade it.  Fifth, we are an optimistic people who see the good in all that is around us.  I will encourage our government agencies and our people to do what is best for both our citizens and our land.  Environmentalism is a good thing.  Like Doctors, who are asked to do no harm, we should always choose the path that least harms our planet.  Unfortunately, much of the environmental movement has been hijacked by extremists, causing it to be discredited, largely ineffective in achieving its goals, and a great competitive disadvantage for many of our companies and their workers.  We will work to both remain competitive and show respect for our land and our planet.

For the past 16 years, our public debate has been marked by extreme views and extreme intolerance.  It is our job, yours and mine, to lead us back to the time when we could debate and reason with one another without loss of friendship, without loss of sight of the greater good for the majority.  If you see problems, I ask that you use your energy, not to complain, but, to become part of the solution.  Pitch in and join with your neighbors to make this a better place.    

I believe we are blessed to live in the greatest nation at the most exciting time in the history of our earth.  We are a group of people gathered from all over the globe.  We have different backgrounds, different beliefs, we even look different.  Yet, we are one nation.  I believe that we can accomplish almost any task, if we work as one.  Please join with me and we can accomplish together more than any of us can imagine to accomplish as individuals. 

As we begin this new chapter in our country’s history, I ask that you join me in the pledge to our Flag.  “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands: one Nation under God, indivisible, With Liberty and Justice for all.”  Thank you.  


I know.  I wrote it quickly, wasn’t all that eloquent, and didn’t touch on lots of important issues.  The thing is, nobody will remember any of this after the 21st of January.  I would just like to see our new President say those things, and mean them.  A guy can dream, can’t he?