Yesterday, the Senate voted against approving the $14 Billion bailout of the Auto Industry.  I am pleased.  I don’t want any industry in our country nationalized.  I am, however, somewhat baffled as to why this happened.  

Surely it was not because of the Republicans. Only 31 of them voted against the bill.  Both Independents voted for it.  The Democrats had 10 Republican votes and all of theirs – plenty to do the job.  Only 87 votes were cast.  With 52 votes for the measure, the 4 “not voting” Democrats plus the 4 who voted against it could have done the job.  Why did Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, John Kerry and Oregon’s Wyden not vote at all?  Why did Harry Reid and 3 other Democrats vote against the measure?

Did the Democrats not want to pass the measure????

Are they providing cover for their Union Boss friends?  Seeing the bailout measure defeated, the Union Bosses can now go back to their troops and say, “We fought for you all the way.  We didn’t budge on wages and benefits.  But now the Senate has killed it.  Maybe we should consider giving them something to work with like no wage increases for a year or two?”

Are they posturing to show the American Public that they really do care about what is best for the people?  While voting the auto bailout bill down for $14 Billion, they can easily funnel ‘chump change’ like that to the auto industry in other ways: purchases, maintenance and R&D contracts, military support contracts, etc.

Are the Democrats going to be wimps like the Republicans were when they had the majority?  Time will tell.