Today, Patrick Fitzgerald, Attorney General for the Northern District of Illinois announced the arrest of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich on corruption charges.

Attorney General Fitzgerald is the same Patrick Fitzgerald who conducted the Scooter Libby investigation and trial.  Fitzgerald  left that investigation open for months after he had the evidence that he needed, in hopes of finding more people involved in the “Valerie Plame Leak” scandal.  Most conservative observers assumed that he was hoping to land a bigger fish, e.g. Vice President Chaney. 

Does it seem strange that in this case Fitzgerald made the arrest as soon as he had the taped telephone conversations that will condemn Mr. Blagojevich?  Why didn’t he wait in hopes of reeling in more and bigger fish.  We are talking about Chicago here.  It is hard to believe that Mr. Fitzpatrick and the FBI didn’t want to catch Mayor Daley or someone very close to him.  And then there is the fact that President-Elect Obama is from Chicago political roots.  Think of the Obama associates who might fall if this investigation had been held open for another month or two.

The excuse for stopping the investigation now is that they wanted to stop Mr. Blagojevich before he could sell the Senate Seat he was shopping around.  Is that the reason?  They say they did it now so it would cast a pal over the Inauguration.  Is that the reason?  Could it be they wanted to stop before more or bigger fish were caught?  What about the people from Chicago who are stacking the West Wing and who will be Mr. Obama’s closest advisors?  Would it not have made sense for the FBI to look just a little further to ensure Mr. Blagojevich was not dealing with presidential advisors in his attempt to get the highest prize?

I also find it interesting, if not surprising, that the major media missed the opportunity in almost every article I read today to point out that Mr. Blagojevich is a Democrat.  I’m guessing there would have been no doubt of the Governor’s party affiliation had he been a Republican.