You would think after two years of campaigning, Mr. Obama would have an understanding of the power of the words of a President-Elect.  You would think he would have an idea of the measure of scrutiny his words will receive from this time forward.  Evidently he still has a few lessons to learn.  Let’s hope that lesson one is to measure his words.

On Sunday morning on Meet The Press, Mr. Obama told Tom Brokaw that our economy is in a recession that  “is a big problem, and it’s going to get worse.”  

I find it impossible to believe that he does not understand that a person in his position saying something like that will have a big negative effect.    Where do you think the Dow will go tomorrow?  

I believe that either Mr. Obama wants to lower expectations prior to his taking office, or he wants cover when he doesn’t succeed in turning around the economy.  Am I being too cynical?

Is it too much to ask for our President-Elect to be at least a bit optimistic?  

“People panic in herds and recover one by one.” (Dr. William Moskal)  

Mr. Obama would do well to recognize that he can create the panic.  He should start the recovery with optimistic leadership.