Dear Mr. Obama,

I am more conservative than you are.  I voted for Mr. McCain.  I will do what I can to act as loyal opposition.  I will point out where I think you go wrong and will congratulate you when you do things right.

I honestly hope you will be an outstanding leader and four years from now will give me reason to vote for you for a second term of office.

I like that you are positive and confident.  Both are good and worthwhile traits for a leader. 

You are an excellent public speaker.  That is an asset than can carry you far, as it already has.

When you take office, like Mr. Bush immediately after 9-11-01, you will be facing an economy  that needs confidence more than it needs a bailout. 

You have a very big and very important job to do.

My Thanksgiving wish for you, Mr. President-Elect is this:

I hope that you will abandon  the politics that got you where you are today and become the leader you have the capability to be. 

Be a pragmatic manager, not a politician.  Hire the best.  Demand the best.  Prove to the world that you are the leader of the strongest, most innovative, most caring and most resilient country on earth.

If you make  your decisions with an eye to ensure your reelection in four years, we are all in trouble. 

If you surround yourself with Washington Insiders and leftovers from the last Democrat administration, we are all in trouble. 

You will never have more power than you have right now.  Use it for change: not for more government; for better government.  

I wish you well. 

Your fellow citizen,

Tom Vail