President Elect Barack Obama will make a big mistake, if, as reported, he nominates Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State. 

She carries with her all the baggage of Bill Clinton’s tactic of appeasement and his negotiations with rogue states when he was in office.  Will she be able to shed that smell?

If Mr. Obama really does want to deliver change, why would he nominate Clinton when her views on the Iraq conflict are almost the same as George Bush?

In fact, wouldn’t it be better if Mr. Obama nominated George W. Bush to be his Secretary of State?

He is more respected on the world stage than Hillary, who outside the USA is known as President Clinton’s wife.  He has a hundred times the experience that Hillary has in foreign affairs.  He will never run against Mr. Obama in a future election.  He needs to do something to build a legacy that is positive.  He already has all the connections he needs in all the hot spots on the globe.

Mr. Obama and the Democrats may not like George Bush but they have already won that war.  Instead of destroying or wasting this valuable experience, why not use the spoils of the victory for something positive?