Arrived home at midnight last night after a very relaxing vacation.  For my efforts, I accomplished a lot of things:  Gained weight (too many malasadas and too much lilikoi pie); read three books (two good-one bad*); avoided all the post election rehash/second-guessing (it’s over – let’s get on with life); saw the visits to this site drop precipitously.  

The first one means I have to get back to eating responsibly, not a big deal.  

The second was the result of one book read each way on the plane and one read when the weather was poor and I was lazy.  I loved “Plato and a Platypus Walked into a Bar.”  “Playing for Pizza” was a fun, quick read.  I read “Can We Do That?” and highly recommend you not waste the time.  

I did not miss the news or the second guessing about the election, at all.  

Was disappointed that no comments were made on JSV’s excellent suggestion re energy as a national security measure.  We may come back to that but for now, I will let that go in favor of other topics.

Am back to regular posts as of now.  Sorry for the layoff but it was fun, relaxing, and reminded me of the need to just reflect on the beauty all around us.