Just returned from a meeting (Oregon Winegrape Growers).  On the drive home, I heard my first election results including the fact that Mr. McCain had given a concession speech.  I had a feeling something like I do when the 49ers lose a football game.

First, I congratulate Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden.  They ran a smart campaign and won handily.  That is good. The close result that I was predicting would not have been good for the country.  When my team loses a close game and there was a bad call or seeming bias by the referees, it is harder to lose.  I obsess about the call or the refs, not the result.  This does me no good.  It doesn’t change the outcome.  It doesn’t lead me to reassess my team and look for opportunities to learn from the defeat.

I was disappointed.  Disappointed in that I had hoped for a split government.  I believe that total control of the government can be a narcotic – not good for the body even though it may feel good for a while.

I was encouraged.  Encouraged in that my team can stop living in the past.  It now needs to decide who it is. It needs to decide what form it will take in its new role as loyal opposition.

What do I hope will come of this?  

I hope that the Republicans will be good losers – that they will work harder to stand up for their traditional principles.  I want to see them fight for smaller government.  I want them to work to prevent the excessive, some say uncontrolled, spending at the Federal level.  I hope that all Americans, Red and Blue will support our new President and help him to heal wounds and unite us again.  I hope they will tell Mr. Obama when he is wrong.

Most of all, I hope that I have been wrong all along about Mr. Obama.  I hope his term as President allows him to fulfill his promise as a leader.  That will be good for all Americans.