It is down to the last day.  Tuesday we vote.  I failed miserably at providing an issue a day with my planned “30 Days – 30 Issues” series.   But there was the opportunity to discuss lots of the issues.

So what is the single issue that will be your reason for voting for or against either of the two candidates?

I think that for those on the right, it is fear of socialism.  I think most voters on the right believe that’s the direction our government will go with a President Obama and a Democrat-controlled Congress.  It makes no difference to people on the right if Mr. Obama is bright or if he promises many wonderful things.  What counts is our freedom. Most people on the right don’t want to see government grow and freedoms diminish.  So the right is voting out of fear.  Not as many are voting for Mr. McCain.  Most are voting against Mr. Obama.  So for Republicans, the single most important issue is FEAR OF SOCIALISM.

For those on the left, I think it comes down to a repudiation of the past 8 years.   It is almost a “get even” vote.  For many on the left, I think the vote is more an anti-Bush, anti-Republican vote than a pro Obama vote.  Unlike the McCain supporters, though, I think there are a lot on the left who believe what Mr. Obama promises.   They are voting for Mr. Obama as much or more than they are voting against the past.  So, for Democrats, I think the single most important issue is CHANGE.  That may be change in the negative, meaning not George Bush or not Republican.  Or, that may be change in the positive, as in a new vision of government as Mr. Obama describes it.

My personal vote is a combination of voting against Mr. Obama, and voting for what used to be Republican principles, like small government, the constitution as a legal document not a living thing, states rights, lower taxes, etc.  I will confess that I don’t believe electing a President McCain will get me smaller government, more states rights, or lower taxes.  It could, if a President McCain has the will and the guile, prevent bigger government to some extent.  It could cause taxes to rise less than under a government where both legislative and executive branches are controlled by Democrats.  So what is my reason for this vote?  The single most important reason is to stop our country’s drift to bigger and more intrusive government.  Call it fear of Socialism if you like.