The Obama Campaign has done many things that are groundbreaking.  It has focussed on big events, not the smaller, more private ones of past year’s campaigns.  It has focussed on internet giving to swell its fund base. It has pushed hard for people to vote early.  Why?  Is Mr. Obama afraid that voters might find out about him before election day and he wants to bank all the votes he can get before they find out?  Or is it just that Mr. Obama is a product of Chicago politics where people are encouraged to vote early and vote often?

I think that eventually, the major market media will have to report on the $800,000 his campaign has contributed to ACORN for a get-out-the-vote drive, that has him worried.  If it is not that, it must be the investigation into the Campaign’s acceptance of prepaid credit card donations (which allow anonymous donations thus letting one individual give all he or she wants without abiding by contribution limits).  Or maybe Mr. Obama doesn’t want people to have time to figure out that they could someday end up on the wrong side of his “fairness” and “redistribution-of-income” plans.

It makes me think of the slick Timeshare Salesman who offers a bonus of $10,000 worth of travel if you buy in the next hour (before you have time to check out his claims and promises).  The only reason for the time limit is that the salesman knows that you won’t buy when you have time to figure out the truth about what he is saying.