Has the Media hidden Mr. Obama’s faults from us while they are out there in plain view?  Watch the following short video (I first saw it on Stratfor) and then answer a few questions.

1.  Does Mr. Obama’s voting record in the Senate prove that he has no interest in change except in a change of who is President?  Numerous sources confirm that he has voted with his party over 95% of the time he has been in the Senate.  Does the major market media report this or do they give the head-fake by building up all the political promises for change?

2. Does Mr. Obama preach a feminist agenda while operating as a sexist?  Mr. Obama pays his female staffers 83 cents on the dollar compared to his male staffers and only one of his five key staffers and only 7 of his top twenty are female.  By comparison, Mr. McCain pays $1.04 to women for every dollar to men and relies on women: 3 of his top five and 13 of his top twenty staffers are female.  You have to wonder about a man who has written two autobiographies and hasn’t written a paragraph about his mother.  Is his constant reference to his wife and daughters a head-fake so you don’t see his actual discrimination against women?

3. Does the major market media fail to investigate Mr. Obama’s background while reporting every detail they can find on Mrs. Palin?  If you talk long enough about rumors of banning books, you don’t have to answer just how close Mr. Obama was to the Reverend Wright or William Ayers or Tony Resko.

4. The press wants us all to believe that Mrs. Palin is closely tied to the major oil companies but it fails to investigate the close ties between Mr. Obama and the Richard Daley Political Machine in Chicago.  Another fake out to hide important information?

5.  Why did the press fail to report in 2007 when Mr. Obama endorsed Richard Daley (who had just seen four top aids convicted of corruption) against a true reform candidate and a woman?  Did it amount to the hidden ball trick to avoid us seeing that Richard Daley returned the favor by throwing his political muscle behind Mr. Obama and assigned his brother Bill Daley (who ran Mr. Gore’s 2000 campaign) to advise Mr. Obama’s campaign?

The list of questions could go on far beyond your ability to stick with this blog.  I’m starting to become more concerned about what we don’t know about Mr. Obama and what he might really be like if elected.