I will combine quite a few of my 30 –30 topics in this one post and wil change the format a bit.  I have had less interest in the 30-30 topics than in the posts on individuals involved in the current election races and, I am running out of time to do justice to thirty topics.  This post will combine citizen’s rights, health care, social security, and guns, crime and punishment.

Health Care:

My view is that we need to make health plans portable so that the plan follows the person, not the employer.  We should have a single payer, 24-hour care model.  This would help get the dueling lawyers out of the picture.  I really dislike the HIPA law.  It is a true sledgehammer approach to a problem that was 10% the size of the problems HIPA has spawned – talk about a bureaucracy builder.

Mr. Obama has proposed a plan aimed at universal health care.  He believes that health care is a right of every citizen.  He says the funds required to accomplish his planwill be raised by requiring employers to pay a significant portion of the employee’s health care and by taxing ‘rich’ Americans, not the ‘middle class.’  His history of seeking government paid programs of all types for the underprivileged indicates that he would follow through with his plan.

Grade – F –  The program is pure and simple Socialism.  If he thinks this is fair and important, surely he will next propose free housing and free meals and free transportation for all, paid for by the rich.  I would argue that it is far more important to provide free food for the underprivileged than to provide health care.  Without food, a person will live only a few days.  With out Health Care, who knows, a person who takes care of himself might live 80-90 years.  So is a supply of food a right of all citizens?  Free housing?

Mr. McCain has proposed a less ambitious plan that is based on tax credits.  I’m not in love with it.  It is still serious social engineering.  At least it is not unadulterated Socialism.  I see nothing in his plan that is inconsistent with his past positions.  He will likely attempt to get Congress to go alone with him.  Good luck on that Mr. McCain.

Grade D –  The plan only looks good when compared with Mr. Obama’s.

Citizen’s Rights:

My view is that all citizens should have equality of opportunity, not result.  We should protect the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  That does not include “rights” like paid health care.  I believe we need to treat all citizens in the same way while recognizing that we were not created with equal skills, abilities, and motivations.  I don’t believe in preferential treatment in the name of “fairness.”  Fairness usually turns out to be a codeword for social engineering. 

Mr. McCain is in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act and believes such matters belong at the state level.  Mr. McCain is against gun control, period.  He says he will consider every proposal to reform and save Social Security.  He supports an expansion of the Death Penalty for Federal Offenses.  He opposes “abortion rights” but says he would not move for a Constitutional Amendment to ban abortions.

Grades: A    for state’s rights position on Gay marriage, B on Gun control ( I still see no reason not to limit certain weapons).  B+ on Social Security – at least he is willing to listen to ways it might be saved.  No grade on Death Penalty because I don’t know his history or the details of his stand.  I don’t like the idea of abortion but also don’t like my government telling what I can and can not do.  I would be more comfortable with the whole debate if the two sides could agree on a definition for illegal abortions (murder) and legal ones (saving the mother, incest, rape, etc.)  No grade here either.

Mr. Obama is against the Defense of Marriage Act.  This was a change in his view pre 2004.  It suggests he made the change for political purposes.  What he would do is unknown.  Mr. Obama is in favor of gun control.  He would leave manufacturers open to lawsuits where their products are involved in crimes and would increase restrictions on firearms in general.  He says he will take the cap off of the amount of income taxed for Social Security.  He will not consider increasing the age at which a person becomes eligible.  He walks the fence the Death Penalty for Federal Offenses, seemingly favoring it or being against it pending the nature of the crowd to whom he is speaking.  He favors “abortion rights.”  It is safe to assume he would appoint judges who agree with his view.

Grades: C-    He would bow to a strong lobby either way on Gay marriage.  He needs the Gay lobby but can’t offend the religious conservatives in his party.  D on Gun control He seems to see no problem bankrupting the gun manufacturing industry to make his plaintiff lawyer-friends rich.  D on Social Security – He is aware something must be done, but wants to limit options for obvious political reasons.  He loves the class warfare of moving the cost to the rich by increasing the cap so they will pay far more than the benefit.  Probably a C on the Death Penalty but he wants to micromanage it at the federal level.  Mr. Obama is pro abortion rights.  Like I said for Mr. McCain, I don’t like the idea of abortion but also don’t like my government telling me what I can and cannot do.  I would be more comfortable with the whole debate if the two sides could agree on a definition for illegal abortions (murder) and legal ones (saving the mother, incest, rape, etc.)  No grade here either.