The answer appears to be: the same way he has won his previous elections – by being a politician and a thug.

Mr. Obama is an outstanding orator.  He is a handsome man.  He has the backing of almost every Union in America.  He will get 90% or more of the African American vote.  What more does he need?

Apparently a lot more! 

We know that Mr. Obama won his first election to the Illinois Senate by having all four of his opponents disqualified by legal action against them.  We also know that he had sealed court documents unsealed by friendly judges to get both his primary opponent and his general election opponent for U.S. Senate to drop out of the race, rendering his race effectively without competition.  We know this but you will have a hard time finding out about any of this from ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, The New York Times, The L.A. Times or those other organizations that masquerade as our news reporters. 

So what is Mr. Obama doing with his lawyers this time to win yet another election before anyone heads to the ballot box? 

Here is a short list (not a complete list):

1.  He  (or his campaign or supporters) sent a large number of lawyers and investigators (I have heard reports of from 6 to 30) to Alaska for the specific purpose to find dirt on Sarah Palin.

2.  His supporters (two liberal St. Louis Circuit Attorneys) threatened to sue anyone who made any statement about Mr. Obama that was “false.”

3.  He and his fellow Democrats (thankfully not all of them) tried to resurrect the “fairness doctrine” which had been repealed in the 1980s.  On his 2007 website, he said, “I hope Congress gets to work right away on reestablishing the Fairness Doctrine with the FCC. There needs to be balance on the airwaves again on radio as well as TV and cable.”.  It required equal time for differing views.  Its re-imposition would have had the effect of shutting down much of talk radio.  Since the liberal talk shows have generally failed to draw audiences and conservative shows have huge audiences, this would require significant amounts of radio to be left open for liberal talk, even if no audience existed, or the cessation of the conservative shows. 

4.  Mr. Obama’s campaign called for a criminal investigation of the American Issues Project when it ran ads ( showing the links between Mr. Obama and William Ayers to be much closer than Mr. Obama’s characterization that Ayers was “… just a guy in my neighborhood.”  It seems Mr. Obama supports freedom of speech when it is Obama-positive.

5. Stanley Kurz (a writer for National Review and the New York Post – both conservative publications) attempted to research the connections between Mr. Obama, Mr. Ayers, and The Chicago Annenberg Project in the Chicago Public library.  For days he was not allowed to see the documents.  Were they being purged of sensitive information? 

Why does this not bother supporters of Mr. Obama?