To be fair, I thought it might be an interesting exercise to ask the same question about  Mr. Obama’s V.P. pick as I have asked about Mr. McCain’s pick, Mrs. Palin.  At this writing, the post on Mrs. Palin has generated one quarter of all comments  on this blog, so it is obvious that she has created much interest.  Does Mr. Biden engender any similar emotions or thoughts?  Or, is he just a political hack who has hung on for 35 years by doing little of value, relying on the power of incumbency to keep his job?

My view is that Mr. Obama chose a lousy potential Vice President but his political calculation was a good one.  He has chosen someone who will make very few waves, who will calm the Washington insiders who were starting to believe that Mr. Obama might actually make some changes in Washington, and who would never take any attention away from him.  Is Mr. Biden scary?  No more so than any of the career senators who perpetuate the slow demise of our nation through actions that will increase our government involvement in our lives and spend ever-increasing amounts of money taxed from the citizens.