This will be a slight diversion from the 30 Days/30 Issues.  We had friends over for dinner last night and had a delightful conversation about all things political.  Our friends are very thoughtful folks.  They are quite a bit more ‘progressive’ than I (better not speak for my wife).  We discovered that most of our views were much closer to each others than one would normally expect.  For example, they would expect a conservative who does a little farming to back farm subsidies.  I absolutely don’t.  I would have expected them to think Bill Clinton walked on water.  They don’t.  Anyway, on to the reason for all this explanation – Mrs. Palin.  At one point in our discussions one of our guests blurted out, “Sarah Palin scares me to death.” He did not expound on his point but did mention that she was a “blithering idiot.”  I should have followed up on the point but the conversation took a different turn and there was no reason to put a damper on a fun evening.  

My view is that Mrs. Palin is:  1) badly underestimated; 2) a symbol of the fact that Mr. McCain is more willing to bring real change to Washington; 3) revealing the closed minds of the Women’s Lib movement.

Explanation?  1.  She got to be Governor of Alaska and since in office has had a very high voter approval because she accomplished things that had not been done before in Alaska politics.  There have to be reasons for that and I suspect it is a combination of determination, street smarts, an innate ability to work with others.  2. For all of Mr. Obama’s bluster about bringing change to Washington, who took action to make change?  Mr. Obama chose one of the most entrenched insiders inside the beltway.  Mr. McCain chose a person with a history of fighting the incumbency and who had few if any ties to Washington politics.  3.  Almost before she stepped on the stage to thank Mr. McCain for choosing her as his running mate, feminists were attacking her.  One thing in common in their diatribes was the statement that she is an unknown and we need to know more about her before she should ever be considered for such a job…..but we don’t need to know more about her before we attack her because she is not one of us.  (there is an interesting discussion of this issue at

So what do you think of Mrs. Palin?  Does she scare you to death?  Does she show that Mr. McCain’s judgment is flawed (or can the same be said of Mr. Obama’s judgment choosing Mr. Biden)?